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Charmed By Riss Jewelry Boutique


 Clarissa "Riss" Foster


Charmed by Riss specializes in quality, handmade, gemstone stretch bracelets, stylish earrings and other handmade crafts. Our products assist with repeating daily positive affirmations and daily positive self talk. Catering to the individual who loves self care and custom, boho chic, one of a kind jewelry! 


Inspired by the need of self-love and care; we want to be recognized as more than just a custom jewelry and craft boutique, but an organization that promotes healing, love, peace, encouragement and empowerment.


We only use the best Grade AAA+ gemstone and precious stones to represent our customer's vision of customized jewelry and other self care handcrafted items. Empowered, enlightened and loved is how we want you to feel!

We appreciate your support of a Black Woman Owned Business!

Check out our uniquely crafted handmade products!


Where it all began..HAAA


Jewelry has always been a part of me! In the 90s, I wore multiple necklaces, thick herringbone chains and sterling silver rings on almost every finger! My mother has a friend who owns a jewelry store that I loved  to visit as a little girl. My mother also wore a lot of jewelry back then and would buy me sterling silver pieces when she went to visit and shop at her friend's store. I have still visited with her friend for over 20 years and really owe my inspiration to have my own jewelry store from Ms. Sam, Owner & Silversmith at Sterling Studios in Dayton, OH!

As a creative, I am like most, a busy body, finding it hard to sit still lol! Beading jewelry became a relaxation hobby for me in 2009, when Gemstone beaded bracelets were trending and became my new favorite! My sister and I became partners in a side hustle, (I am a serial entrepreneur) Sisters Sugar Beads! vending at local events in and around our community from 2010-2013.


I came back to beading & jewelry designing in 2017 solo as a self care regimen, and at the request of some of our faithful customers! I have since found my passion in designing handmade bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other self care, self love affirming items!

My work is an outlet for relaxing, relieving stress, depression, anxiety and helping others by sharing my healing journey. It is my hope to assist my target market with feeling UNIQUE, ENLIGHTENED and SPECIAL through my jewelry customization! I promise to deliver all that character, SASS & CLASS in each custom handmade piece!