Positive Self Talk 🗣Decreases Anxiety 😇

🗣Let's talk about ways to decrease anxiety and encourage positive self-talk! 😇

A great way to prevent negative self-talk is by talking to yourself as if you’re talking to your best friend. If you wouldn’t say something mean to your friend or loved one, then you shouldn’t say it to yourself.

Always give yourself grace and put forth your best effort so that you realize what you are capable of. Your best is ENOUGH!

Take ownership and responsibility for your actions! Realizing you have control over the outcomes of the challenges faced can help build confidence and reduce overall anxiety.

Positive affirmations are a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.
They can help improve your mood, increase your self-confidence, and even help you achieve your goals. And best of all, they’re simple to use!
Some of Favorites are engraved on this ➡️Positive Affirmation Mirror⬅️


Charmed By Riss, Handmade Custom Jewelry & Specialty Gift Boutique

Our handmade jewelry and crafts are made from a place of love and positivity; hoping to encourage the wearer to feel confident and positive throughout the day! 

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