How to Make Custom Beaded Stretch Bracelets



Making custom beaded stretch bracelets is a great way to put your creativity and artistic talents to good use! It's also a fun hobby that can bring in some extra cash. Here are the steps for making your own beaded stretch bracelets:

Step 1 - Gather materials

Step 2 - Get out beads

Step 3 - String the beads on thread or wire

Step 4 - Finish off with a clasp


Step I - Get out your materials!

Before you start to string your beaded stretch bracelet, there are a few supplies that should come first. You'll need wire or thread which you can use as the "string" for the beads. Additionally, make sure to have spools of different sizes and colors of beads and beading wire.

Step II - Gather the Beads

There are quite a few different sizes and colors of beads that you can choose from when stringing your beaded stretch bracelets. You should have about 100 beads or more in each color, but it's important to remember that the size will vary depending on how big you want your bracelet to be.

Step III - String the Beads

There are a few different ways you can string these bracelets. You might choose to create straight strands of beads and then wire them with copper or silver beading wire when they're done, which is a rather tedious task and a lot of work. Or try using pre-made loops for your stretchy bracelet by cutting off pieces of beading wire in various lengths and wrapping it around each bead as you go along. Another way is to simply take one strand at a time from spool after spool until all your beads have been strung together on the thread/wire.

Step IV - Finish with a Knot or Clasp

Take note that most people may prefer using clasps instead of knots because knots can loosen over time causing the bracelet to come apart and lose beads. If you decide to use knots, make sure they are secure and durable without adding much stress to the wire.

All done! We hope that this tutorial has been helpful to you on your creative journey.  Check out our collection of unique handmade beaded bracelets 

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