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Charmed By Riss Jewelry Boutique

Mission Statement

At Charmed By Riss, LLC, our focus is to customize quality jewelry, crafts and gifts that gives our clientele the boost they need to feel enlightened, appreciated or even sassy! We specialize in representing the inner beauty of women through our creative customization and keep our gentlemen feeling satisfied with his custom jewelry and other gifts too.

Vision Statement

Inspired by the need of Self-Love and Self-Care, we want to be recognized as more than just a Custom Jewelry and Craft Boutique, but an organization of love, peace, encouragement and empowerment. We pour love, our passion for creating stylish fashionable jewelry and other custom gift items into every design. We hope you feel EMPOWERED when you support Charmed By Riss!

Our Values

Originality is of the upmost importance! Clarissa has done extensive research in her 10 years of beading and found her passion in crafting, pouring positive energy and love into every handcrafted piece. She has surprised even herself with her own creativity.

Quality and integrity is all we know! We only use the best Grade AAA+ quality gemstone and precious stones to represent our client’s vision of customized jewelry. The joy our jewelry gives our client’s make us as happy as it makes them! The options for customization with CBR are endless! You can find what you need on our site for yourself, family, friends, co-worker, teacher, pastor, graduate and for all occasions!

Empowered, enlightened and loved is how we want our clientele to feel! We appreciate your support of a Black Woman Owned Business!


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Clarissa Foster


Ok...Here is the DEETS ON ME..CLARISSA...RISSA...RISS...

I'm a NERD LOL, with a previous career in Accounting. I also freelance as a Bookkeeper, Travel Agent and Tax Pro...OK ENOUGH of the NERDY PROFESSIONALISM!

I am not formally trained in jewelry design and as in most my life experiences, I am SELF TAUGHT! YAYYY ME!

I started beading as a hobby in 2009 and then joined forces with my sister forming "Sisters Sugar Beads" vending at local events in and around our community from 2010-2013.

I came back to beading & jewelry designing in 2017 solo as a self care regimen & realized how much I had missed designing for myself AND our clients..our CHARMEES AND CHARMED GENTS missed us too!"

"I have since found my passion in beading, designing jewelry as well as crafting; it's an outlet for relaxing, relieving stress, depression and anxiety. I want my clientele to feel UNIQUE, ENLIGHTENED and SPECIAL! It is my hope that my designs will bring out all that character, SASS & CLASS! Let us style your wrist with twist of Riss or customize your next gift item!" 

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